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Several examples of our typical outcomes are highlighted in the case studies below.

Client Objective:  A government contractor wanted to improve their win rate and grow the size of their company.  They had no formal BD process and had suffered significant losses the prior year.    They turned to Castlemar Consulting for assistance.

Castlemar role:  We tailored a BD process to fit the client’s culture, size, and operational environment.  Castlemar provided BD leadership and BD resources to identify growth targets and populate the new business pipeline.  We worked with the client to qualify and pursue new business, as well as protect existing contracts coming up for recompete.  We developed strategic partnerships and targeted expansion to new clients logically related to current business base.  We also provided capture, proposal, and price-to-win support.

Result:  Over a 12 month period, we were able to re-invigorate the business development process.  We successfully won 2 recompetes and expanded to 3 new clients.  Total bookings equated to 2.8 times revenue.  Win rates increased to 62% based on dollar value of bids.

Client Objective:  A mid-tier company wanted to expand their federal business into new accounts.  They lacked the internal BD resources to pursue and win major programs.  To be successful, they needed to identify opportunities, establish and execute a capture strategy and develop a proposal.  They turned to Castlemar Consulting for assistance.

Castlemar role:  We identified an upcoming procurement that would expand the client’s federal business into a new account and strategically positioned the company to expand into the defense sector.  Castlemar assessed the client’s capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, and competitive positioning, and helped define key discriminators and win themes. We worked closely with the client to develop and implement a capture strategy, including building a team with agency experience and depth of technical capabilities.  We led the proposal effort, including outline, schedule, and content. While tailored to the solicitation, the materials we developed could be leveraged for future procurements.

Result:  The client won a five year multiple award IDIQ contract with a ceiling value of $675 million.  The contract established a presence with a new client, and build relationships with teaming partners that could be leveraged on future opportunities.

Client Objective:  A government contractor responded to a sources sought jointly with an 8(a) firm for web-related services to a health agency.  The agency invited the 8(a) prime to participate in an orals presentation based on the sources sought.  They turned to Castlemar Consulting for assistance with developing the slides and preparing for orals.

Castlemar role:  We initially fostered the strategic partnership between these firms because they specialize in complimentary services and gave my client access to partner on 8(a) opportunities.  When the agency notified us of orals, Castlemar immediately engaged in developing the outline and approach to the orals slides.  We participated in content creation, editing, and formatting the slides.  Once complete, we coached the presenters with anticipated Q&A, identified key points that distinguished our team, and coached the presenters on how to control body language and leave a positive impression.

Result:  The team won the competition and was awarded a three year 8(a) contract.  My client received 40% workshare.  The strategic partnership has thrived and these firms have bid multiple other projects together.

Client Objective:  A government contractor with limited resources wanted to grow the company and diversify their customer base.  Without the expertise in-house, they needed to find a way to identify and qualify opportunities.  They turned to Castlemar Consulting for assistance.

Castlemar role:  We applied our research analysts to analyze the client’s core offerings, research public data in the marketplace, and identify opportunities.  These opportunities became the new business pipeline.  Once qualified, we developed an intelligence report for each opportunity.  In addition to traditional quantitative data, we contacted customers, partners, and industry sources to obtain qualitative data.  Types of information on opportunities includes government challenges, agency pain points, hot buttons, strengths and weaknesses, gap analysis, teaming strategies, incumbent and competitor intel, and customer contacts.

Result:  The client was provided a complete business intelligence report for each new business opportunity tailored to their core capabilities.  This information allowed the client to make sound investment decisions based on current and accurate qualitative information.

Client Objective:  A mid-tier contractor has established a successful business delivering Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to commercial, state, and local governments.  They wanted to determine if they should commit the resources to expand their focus to include the federal government.  They turned to Castlemar Consulting for assistance.

Castlemar role:  We performed a market assessment of the Federal Government’s use of ERP/CRM solutions.  We engaged directly with the client to understand capabilities and objectives of the study.  The deliverable included an overview of the market, core capabilities assessment, situational analysis (strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats), target agencies, competitive environment/analysis, and recommended next steps.

Result:  The client was provided a thorough, complete market assessment tailored to their core capabilities and desired objectives.  This information allowed the client to make a sound business decision based on current and accurate information.

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